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About Elli

Elisabeth Erl - aka ELLI, born May 25, 1979

For more than 10 years the 28-year-old singer from Lower Bavaria and her band Panta Rei took almost every chance to gain stage experience. Her voice always enthusiases audience during live performances in clubs and at festivals all over Germany and abroad. The band released 1998 their own first album called "48 minutes and 16 seconds followed by Michi Lachawitz. produced single "Inside" (Munich studios of outer space) in 2001. A year later, in cooperation with Dennis Ward, "Blurred vision" (Audio Studios in Karlsruhe) was produced and released. Though without a real record company and contract they could achieve first successes. In 2003 Panta Rei split as most of the band members drifted apart and left Munich due to their personal obligations such as University studies, hence an effective cooperation was therefore no longer possible.

But Elli was determined and moved on. In order to establish her music, she wrote and worked on her own songs and played smaller gigs in Irish pubs. Eventually she took advantage of the casting show "Pop Idol" as a platform and looked for network and contacts into the music industry. In fact in 2004 at the finals more than six million viewers voted ELLI to be the winner of the German .Pop Idol.. She received the title with all its benefits: record and management contract plus some demanding compromises in the following months as well. In April the single "This is my life", was released which made it to the Top 10 of the German charts and ultimately reached the third place. Between May and September 2004 her first album "Shout it out" was produced at the Horus Sound Studio in Hanover by Producer Frank Bornemann (producer of Guano Apes) which mainly contained own songs by Elli and her band. The few compositions not coming from her own ideas where composed by songwriters such as Guy Chambers (who writes for Robbie Williams among others) or Rea Garvey (Raemonn)!

"Shout it out" and the first single "In my dream" made it into the Top 40 of the Media Control charts followed by live gigs all over Germany. Elli fascinated her audience with her charismatic voice and energetic stage show. In 2005 ELLI rocked various clubs and festivals, incl. the Bananafishbones and played her highly awaited Big Band concert with the Ratisborn Orchestra that received rave reviews. In autumn that year she took a break to complete her first state examination (secondary school teacher - Music & Sport). With the support of music manager Thomas M. Stein by her side ELLI returned from University to the music scenery. In April, her new single "Get up" was released followed by her "Back to the rockin' roots Tour" across the country.

For 2007 and until today ELLI and her band worked hard on their latest album "Moving On" release and their tour that gives them the opportunity to rock across Germany and abroad. On the in Nashville / USA produced album ELLI will return to her musical roots of eleven years live experience flavoured with a dash of Nashville flair, by the distinguished team of producers Gary Baker (Grammy Award winner and producer of Stars like LeAnn Rimes, Ronan Keating, Backstreet Boys) and Anthony Little (including Tina Turner)! Prior to the album in May her first single "Can.t Deny It. and a video also shot in the USA / LA (director Ralf Strathmann). were released A surplus on the album is former Journeys rock ballad ..Open arms.. With her interpretation of this song the magic of her voice clearly demonstrates the strength and depths that makes this song not a cover song but a uniquely passionate ELLI song. Her tour began in Heidelberg and will be continued throughout the year

She just returned from the US studios where she was continuously song writing with Gary Baker and Anthony Little on new songs. Her passion and love for life and her music will have her return to the US in a few weeks to continue song writing and perform in Atlanta; she.s literally moving on with her life.

Elli is moving on without regrets

ELLI`s recent album .Moving on. was released on the 7th December 2007, and this album shows that ELLI has done just that. Whether she sings emotional rock ballads, catchy guitar pop or honest rock and roll aggression. ELLI proves that she is both, a talented musician and songwriter, but most of all born for being on stage and performing live

It`s been a long time since ELLI won German Popidol and this album is a bright look into the future. The single GET UP already signalled her tour in 2006, a new beginning and her commitment to her Rockin`Roots. The new album demonstrates clearly ELLI`s talent as a musician and songwriter, independent from the usual commercial machine and common mainstream she rocks her own way . 2008 looks set to be her year!!!!

On stage with her band ELLI is a force to be reckoned with. Her unmistakable voice can be both raw and gentle, her performance is energetic and untiring and the bands hook lines are quite simply infectious. ELLI`s gigs are always massive musical highlights and really not to be missed. ELLI is charismatic performer and watch out `cos this girl won`t leave the stage until she`s got everybody swept from their seats.

The album was recorded in Nashville, USA by the internationally acclaimed producer team of Gary Baker and Anthony Little. ELLI has drawn from 11 years of live experience and that new unmistakable Nashville feeling. .Moving on. is handcrafted rock with a good portion of female seduction. This album is addictive and after one listen you`re sure to be hooked